2021 Guide for the Perfect Lawyer Website

Recent studies have shown that a vast majority of people looking for legal services rely on the internet to find law firms and lawyers. Therefore, if you are a lawyer, you most likely appreciate the importance of having a website. However, having a website is not enough; your website has to persuade people to hire you. Remember that almost all your competitors probably have websites, and therefore, for your website to serve its purpose, its design must stand out. Your law firm’s website must also be easy to navigate in addition to being search engine optimized. This will make your website more useful to search engines and enhance the user experience irrespective of how people land on your site or the device that they are using to access the site. Below is a web design guide, regardless of practice areas, that you can rely on to create an amazing new website for your law firm.

Make the Website Easy To Navigate

People visiting your website do not have all day. Therefore, you have to make it easy for them to find whatever they are looking for within the shortest time possible. What is your area of specialization? Who else do you work with? What is your level of experience? Where is your office located? How can people reach you? Your website should be organized in such a way that people looking for this crucial information about you or your law firm can find it seamlessly. Remember that a lot of people visiting your website are not tech-savvy, and therefore, making the process of navigating your site complex will put them off and consequently cause you to lose business.

Most Law Firms Struggle with Generating New Clients...We Fix That!

Since 2009, we have helped many lawyers grow their practice. Let us do it for you!

List Your Services

A list of the services that you offer must be an integral component of your overall web design. In any case, the most basic reason why you need a website is to showcase your services. Having this list will enable prospective clients to make split-second decisions on whether you are offering the services that they need and whether you have the necessary skills to handle a given situation. To this end, you can simply list them on your homepage and then provide more details on another page. Ensure that you link the list of services to the page with more details on the services that you provide.

Have the Right Information on the Right Pages

While the best law firm websites have an easy-to-navigate menu, many fail when it comes to placing the right information on the right pages. For instance, it is not uncommon to find a home page or landing page full of huge blocks of text all over the place. Unfortunately, this has the effect of overwhelming your site visitors and consequently discouraging them from spending time on your website. Therefore, it is wise for you to remember that your home page is not the right place to go into details about the services and the areas of law that your law firm specializes in.

Make the Site Responsive and Fast

If your website is loading slowly, then you should know that this is a problem that could be driving away potential new clients. Therefore, you have to be vigilant to ensure that this is not happening. To this end, is advisable for you to make use of Google Pagespeed Insights to test the speed of your website and implement the recommendations given to enhance the speed. In addition to working on the speed of your law firm’s website, you have to ensure that the site has a responsive design. This will ensure that people can easily access the website, navigate it, and read what is available irrespective of whether they are using a PC, a tablet, or even a Smartphone.

Have Multiple Calls-To-Action

Like with any other marketing tool, one of the primary objectives of your law firm’s web design should be to encourage potential clients to consult you or get in touch with you. To this end, you should have multiple calls-to-action that can facilitate a potential client to schedule an appointment or get in touch with you irrespective of which page they land on. In other words, you must have a call to action on the About Page and on other pages, including your profile page and blog page. A call to action can also be included in your sidebar.

Simplify the Contact Form

When it comes to designing the contact form for a law firm website, you should avoid having a form that is asking for more information than some people are willing to give. Remember that forcing people to give too much information through the contact form could overwhelm them and consequently cause them to back away before filling out the contact form completely. On the other hand, simplifying the contact form and only requesting for the most necessary information will encourage visitors to contact you through the form

Play Up Cases Won & Testimonials

Simply put, potential clients want to see you have done it before. This validates you and makes the visitor more comfortable reaching out to you.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the effectiveness of your attorney website significantly depends on the quality of its design. A good web design should make it easy for visitors to navigate your website. It should also be responsive and first and have multiple calls-to-action. All in all, it is clear the having an effective law firm web design is quite involving, and therefore, it is wise for you to seek the assistance of a reliable professional web designer and SEO expert to assist you to come up with a web design that can help you to stand out among your competitors.

Most Law Firms Struggle with Generating New Clients...We Fix That!

Since 2009, we have helped many lawyers grow their practice. Let us do it for you!

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