10 SEO Mobile Apps You Should Know About

Now that mobile phones are getting bigger, clearer, and more sophisticated, SEO work is bound to find its way onto that screen. As complicated and multi-dimensional as many SEO practices can get, businesses are starting to realize that it would be helpful to be able to do this work on the go because SEO trends constantly changing. This is where SEO mobile apps come into play. They help keep you connected on your mobile phone without all of the confusing layouts and numbers that fill an SEO’s desktop screen. Below are 10 mobile SEO apps that are sure to help your online optimization efforts in 2013:

iPhone (iOS) Mobile SEO Apps

1. Raven Tools. Available for Apple products, this is probably in most users top 3 list of great SEO apps. You want to make sure you have a paid account with Raven (otherwise the app won’t do you any good), but then you can download the free app and have all of your analytics for measuring ROI and even tracking your social media efforts. It’s considered one of the more advanced and detailed apps available.

2. iSEO. This is a great tool if you’re interested in learning more about rankings of different webpages across the Internet. If you’re looking to analyze pages for guest posting opportunities or you want to analyze the competition, this Apple app will give you some great results in an easy-to-understand format. The best part: You can email all of your findings and results to colleagues right from this $1.99 app.

3. Ego. This is what many would call the “big picture” app. If you are using many different services to collect data, this app will help you pull all of this data and put it together into a cohesive, one-stop delivery. It costs $1.99.

4. LinkJuice. This $1.99 Apple app has been recommended for advanced SEOs because it isn’t the easiest to use, but it does offer quality information about particular webpages. You simply type in a domain or a webpage URL, and you will gain information about backlinks, authority of the domain, anchor text, etc. This is information that you might want to read while you’re on the go, so it is likely something you’ll really use if you’re serious about SEO.

5. SEO Automatic. One thing that makes this app unique is the fact that it will give you recommendations regarding what to do based on the information it gathers about your site. It deals with all on-page factors, so it’s great for business owners just beginning to dabble in SEO apps.

Android Mobile SEO Apps

6. SECockpit. This app is all about the keyword research. You just plug in a word or phrase and the app will spit out the search volume and competition for that entry. Again, this is an SEO task that can easily be done on the go, so I think you’ll find that this one will get a lot of clicks.

7. SEO SiteRank and SiteRank Lite. The great thing about this app is that you can get information about PageRank and Alexa Rank as you’re browsing around the Internet. It has both a paid and a free version.

8. SEO Keyword Checker. This is another app that is incredibly useful because it gives you information that you might actually want while on the go. The app is free, and it helps you analyze a webpage and give you information about that webpage’s keyword use and keyword density.

9. SEO Stats. This app is simple. It gives you information about where you stand when it comes to social networks such as Facebook, Digg, and Twitter.

Mobile SEO Apps Available for iOS and Android

10. Google Analytics. This is a must-have app. It’s free, and it transfers your existing Google Analytics information to your mobile phone in an organized way. It allows you to correlate your SEO data with your revenue, give you KPIs such as time on site and total page views, and allows you to compare different metrics from different time frames. This is about as detailed as you’re going to get from an app, so I feel that it is a must-have. Available for both Android (called “mAnalytics”) and Apple phones.

Do you know of an SEO mobile app that has helped you in the past?

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